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FINALLY...Revealed The Truth Behind The Cash Flow Secrets Of The UK's Biggest Internet Home Business Entrepreneurs
How Would You Like To Own & Profit From The Same Completely Automated, Done For You, Online Business That We Use To Generate Millions Of Dollars In Revenue Per Year? 
Discover How From 2 Internet Millionaires @
February 24th, 25th & 26th, 2017
London, UK
"How About We Just Show You & Then Hand You Over The Exact Same Systems & Blueprints We've Been Using To Generate Millions of Dollars In Online Sales" 
If you're looking for the quickest and easiest shortcut to your very own, fully-automated, HIGH-PROFIT, LIFE-CHANGING online business... THIS IS IT!
We can absolutely guarantee this works even if you have ZERO experience, hardly any technical knowledge and precious little spare time in your day!
From: Paul Lynch & Shaqir Hussyin
RE: 3 Day Training Event In London

Dear Online Business Entrepreneur,

There's an 'elite' group of few internet marketers who rake in 99% of all the sales...and now we want to invite YOU To join them.

Here's how...

It's tough making a buck online, especially with all the companies out there. It's so easy to start a business...but so hard to make it a full time income, let alone rich. 

But here's the thing if we can do it, so can you. Together we've gone onto become 2 of the leading authorities in the online home business space in the UK, generating multiple millions every year and showing hundreds and thousands of people all over the world how they can profit from the new digital economy that we live in. 

You see, we are regularly hearing from people who are desperate to have their own home-based, push-button, 6 or 7-figure business JUST LIKE OURS… and are constantly looking for how to get it.

The problem is they’ve tried numerous plans and systems - honestly and genuinely putting their time and effort into using them - but still they’ve not got anywhere near the results they hoped for.

If you've bought all sort of products, attended seminars and/or tried all sorts of methods, programs and system...but are STILL NO CLOSER to you own 6 figure (let along million dollar) home based business that you dream of then you need to READ THE REST OF THIS PAGE!
Internet Millionaire Host #1
Shaqir Hussyin
Internet Multi Millionaire, Founder of,
  • Known as the Backpack Millionaire, started from scratch 7 years ago to now building 6 different million dollar businesses by the age of 27
  • Author, speaker & considered the highest paid marketing consultant in the Home Business industry. 
  • Forbes Magazine calls him a Digital Trendsetter. Clients have invested $40K-$100K for his private coaching services to serve ambitious entrepreneurs
  • Co-founder of My Dot Com Business Live
  • Will be delivering mind blowing strategies on "Making Your First Million" online and Scaling Up beyond.
  • ... and much, MUCH MORE!
Internet Millionaire Host #2
Paul Lynch
Internet Multi-Millionaire, Creator Easy Sketch Pro & Founder of My Dot Com Business
  • Ex-professional footballer whose career was over due to a horrendous leg break
  • Now running a Multi-Million Dollar internet business from the comfort of his home living a life of freedom and luxury
  • Helping tens of thousands of people every day to achieve higher levels of income and freedom in their own lives. 
  • $2.3+ Million earned in High Ticket affiliate marketing
  • $2+ Million earned on JVZoo through product launches
  • $1.2+ Million earned in online Franchise sales.
  • Paul is going to be revealing LIVE at the event, exactly how he's been able to start mutliple online businesses from scratch and take them to over $1 million in sales within a short space of time
  • For the first time ever, he's also going to be revealing the Franchise model that anyone can use to get similar results. Literally you'll be handed a business a box that you can go and implement the very next day. 
  • ...and much, MUCH MORE!
Here's What You Can Expect To Learn About At
Getting More Traffic
Traffic is the lifeblood of an internet business. We'll share with you whats working now and what to avoid when it comes to getting traffic that converts. This is how you will feed your automatic online machine - with highly qualified, red-hot, laser targeted people ready to buy what you're selling. 
 Million Dollar Funnels
We've become very well known in the marketplace to create funnels that convert. Having a funnel that converts is like turning on an ATM and virtually printing cash. Finally, a follow-up sequence so powerful, your prospects will be climbing over each other to buy your products
 High Converting Offers
You’ll discover how to quickly & easily craft super-compelling offers that are so appealing, people tell their friends about them. Whatever product and service you are selling, the offer is the MOST important aspect and we will show you exactly how to craft a winning offer that gets people to BUY NOW.
Here's What Others Thought Of My Dot Com Business Live After Attending...
Bonus Sessions
"The Insider Traffic Secrets That's Responsible For Generating Millions of Dollars In Revenue & Makes Us Top Income Earners In Different Business Opportunities"
  • The $1,043,671 Facebook Experiment: In 2016 we invested HEAVILY into figuring out Facebook and getting RED-HOT hungry buyers into our sales funnel. You'll find out the results of the experiment at the event
  • YouTube Video Ads "BREAKTHROUGH": The truth about running short 30 second video ads to get leads consistently for less than $1, turning them into Red Hot Hungry Buyers. 
  • The "FB Guaranteed Profit Formula" : How to launch simple little Facebook ads super quick and generate $2, $3 or even more for every $1 in Ad Spend
  • How 1 simple email turned into $72,000 in cash from just 60 mins work. You'll get to the see EXACTLY HOW it was done, step by step. 
  • The one-page "7 Step Traffic Domination" plan that creates unlimited, scalable, predictable, consistent and laser-targeted traffic that get you SALES, DOWNLINE MEMBERS & INSTANT CASH FLOW
  • What we do with our A* star marketing team every time we launch promotion to ensure every new sales promotion brings in no less than 6 figures.  (Any marketer can duplicate this... even if you're a solo-preneur with no team.)
  • Email Marketing Alchemy: How simple little emails can turn into Big profits with consistent, daily actions. 
  • ... and much, MUCH MORE!
Our A* Traffic Team Responsible For Generating Hundreds & Thousands of Clicks, Leads & Millions of Dollars in Sales
Some Of The Fun From My Dot Com Business Live
Previous Top Industry Gurus & World-Class Marketing Leaders Come To Our Events To Share Their Secrets To
Making BIG Money Online NOW!
Mike Dillard
Author, Magnetic Sponsoring
Matt Lloyd
Founder, MOBE
$150 Million In Sales
John Chow
World-Class Blogging GURU
Saj P
9x Clickbank Best-Seller
Andre Chaperon
Email Marketing Legend

Com Mirza
$500 Million Net-Worth
Jeff Hoffman
Billionaire Co-Founder of  
General Ticket
  • General Admission To 3 Full Days Training Event
  • Networking
  • Meet Millionaire Speakers
  • Bring A Guest For Free
Only £147
RRP £497
VIP Ticket
  • General Admission To 3 Full Days Training Event
  • Networking
  • Meet Millionaire Speakers
  • Bring A Guest For Free
  • Dinner With Speakers
  • Front Row VIP Seating
  • Event Recordings
Only £297
RRP £997
Event Location
AMBA Charing Cross Hotel
Charing Cross,
London, WC2N 5HX
Why You Need To Be At This Event...
  • Get Trained By Millionaires - 3 days of pure actionable content from individuals generating multiple millions a year using the internet
  • Anatomy Of Million Dollar Sales Funnels - You will learn how to engineer million dollar sales funnels from scratch. We will give you the FRAMEWORK of a million dollar funnel and then walk you through the complete process of building it from scratch.
  • Crafting Million Dollar Offers – Creating irresistible offers is what gets people to buy now and invest in your products or services. Whether you are promoting your own products or affiliate products, you need a KILLER offer that helps you make sales easily. A million dollar business starts with having a killer offer and that’s what we are going to help you craft.
  • Networking With Superstars & Other Members - Meeting and networking with the right folks can OPEN UP NEW DOORS that you never knew existed.
  • Authority Positioning System – You will learn how to develop immediate authority & incredible influence with your market using simple webinars (you don’t need your own products or be any sort of guru to do this – even a total newbie can do this if he implements the Authority Positioning System)
  • The 8 Figure Earner Mindset – You will learn about the mindset and thinking process of marketers who are doing 7 and 8 figures. There is a reason they are at that level and you will find out what made them get there.
  • ...and much much more!
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